5 Tips How to Spray Paint a Car


If you are wondering how to spray paint a car, then you are in luck. I recently came across a new website, learnautobodyandpaint.com. Here I found a course that taught me a multitude of tips and tricks for how to spray paint a car. The author, Tony Bandalos, has harnessed his decades of experience to teach you how to spray paint a car in an easy to understand format. Here are just five of the tips found at learnautobodyandpaint.com.

The first tip will be to choose your color prior to starting anything on your project. If you are on a budget, steer clear of paints with red or pearl in them. These paints are often much more expensive than their standard color counterparts. Just walking around and noticing the colors on makes and models that you like will greatly decrease the time you spend searching for that perfect shade in the auto body store.

The next two tips are related in that they both involve safety. As many of us know, paint often has harmful chemicals in it. These chemicals can be dangerous to your lungs and possibly life-threatening. This is why you should always wear some form of lung protection. This can be as simple as a face mask or as complicated as a ventilation hood. In addition, paint can also have chemicals that are caustic to the skin. This is why you should wear gloves or some other protection for your hands.

The fourth tip that I found usefully involved cleanliness. You will find that having a dust and debris free area to paint it is a crucial element for auto painting. In addition, you will want to make sure your spray paint gun is clean. If you purchase your own guns, simply clean them after each use so that they spray correctly and last forever. If you decide to rent a spray gun, make sure it has been well maintained and, if necessary, clean it.

Finally, you will want to choose the correct paint for your specific project. If you are restoring a car or refinishing a vehicle that is more than 20 years old, you will likely need acrylic lacquer or acrylic enamel. This type of paint can be found at the most auto body and paint stores. If you happen to be working on a late model car, then urethane will be the kind you need. Make sure to ask the auto body store clerk if you have any reservations on which type of paint is appropriate. For a more in-depth explanation of these tips and more, visit learnautobodyandpaint.com now!

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